Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Liberals propose huge changes for CSE

The government's Bill C-59, announced on 20 June 2017, proposes huge changes for Canada's security and intelligence community, including important additions to CSE's mandate and the elimination of its current review agency, the Office of the CSE Commissioner (OCSEC).

The proposal to add explicit defensive and "active" cyber operations mandates to CSE's roles may represent the most fundamental change in the agency's history. The proposed elimination of OCSEC and creation of both the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency and the position of Intelligence Commissioner are also major changes.

I'll be writing more on these and other proposals in the bill, but it will probably take me a few days to get the post together.

So in the meantime, here's CSE's description of the changes.

It's also worth checking out some of the news reporting and commentary on the proposals:

Alex Boutilier, "Spy bill allows government security agency to collect ‘publicly available’ info on Canadians," Toronto Star, 21 June 2017

Justin Ling, "Canada’s cyber spy agency is about to get a major upgrade," Vice News, 21 June 2017

Michael Geist, "Five Eyes Wide Open: How Bill C-59 Mixes Oversight with Expansive Cyber-Security Powers,", 21 June 2017

Alex Boutilier, "Canada’s spies to get green light to launch cyber attacks," Toronto Star, 20 June 2017

Matt Braga, "How, when, and where can Canada's digital spies hack? Government makes some suggestions in CSE Act," CBC News, 20 June 2017

Jim Bronskill, "Security bill limits CSIS disruption powers, boosts review of spy services," Canadian Press, 20 June 2017

Craig Forcese & Kent Roach, "The roses and the thorns of Canada’s new national security bill," Maclean's, 20 June 2017

Wesley Wark, "Liberals’ bold Bill C-59 would redraw the national security landscape," Globe and Mail, 20 June 2017

Update 23 June 2017: A few more items:

Craig Forcese & Kent Roach, "Two of Canada’s foremost experts in national security law give their assessment of Bill C-59: there’s much to like, but also room for improvement," Policy Options, 22 June 2017

Lee Berthiaume, "New national security approach lets electronic spy agency play cyber-offence," Canadian Press, 20 June 2017

Amanda Connolly, "CSE getting 'proactive' mandate overhaul in major national security reform bill," iPolitics, 20 June 2017

Carl Meyer, "Goodale asks Parliament to expand electronic spying powers," National Observer, 20 June 2017


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