Friday, February 17, 2017

List of Senior U.S. Liaison Officers at CSE

I've finally managed to get a reasonably complete list of the Senior United States Liaison Officers, or SUSLOs, assigned to CSE over the years.

SUSLOs are assigned by NSA to all of the Five Eyes SIGINT agencies, with the various SUSLOs distinguished from one another by suffixes. The SUSLO assigned to Canada is known as the SUSLO/O, for Ottawa.

The photo above shows Velva Klaessy, who served as SUSLO/O from 1970 to 1971. Klaessy was the first woman to serve as SUSLO at any location.

SUSLO/O list (with years of arrival and departure)
Lt. Robert Carl, USN (Acting)19501950
Maj. Oval Jones, USAF19501952
LCdr. Arthur Conant, USN19521953
Maj. Robert Morin, USAF19531955
Maj. Ralph Barch, USA19551958
LCol. Robert Maurer, USA19581960
Fred Sims19601963
William Kaczmar19631966
Maurice Edens19661970
Velva Klaessy19701971
Francis Irons19711974
Martin Sullivan19741977
Melville Boucher19771981
William Gerdes19811984
George Abbott19841990
Gary Kirkey19901992
Robert Arndt19921995
John Dirks19951999
Maria O'Connor19992002
Cindy Farkus20022005
Donna Marie Barbano20082011
Cynthia Daniels20112014

The SUSLO identities from 1950 to 1974 are from a recently released version of History of CBNRC (Access release A-2015-00045). The more recent identities were assembled by me from public domain materials, with invaluable assistance from U.S. intelligence historian Matthew Aid, and may still contain some errors. I haven't included the current SUSLO/O on the list.

For earlier compilations of CSE's own liaison officers, the CANSLOs, see here and here.


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