Thursday, February 27, 2014

Recent CSEC coverage/commentary

Recent CSEC coverage/commentary worth reading:

Carl Meyer, "CSEC’s policy arm rises to prominence," Embassy, 26 February 2014
- The CSEC organization chart shown above accompanied Meyer's article.

Paul Meyer, "Supervising Surveillance: Oversight and the Communications Security Establishment Canada," Cyber Dialogue, 24 February 2014
- The former Director-General of the Security and Intelligence Bureau at Foreign Affairs recommends improvements in CSEC oversight. (Hi, Paul!)

Colin Freeze, "Privacy or national security: Have spy agencies gone too far?" Globe and Mail, 27 February 2014
- Online debate featuring reporter Colin Freeze, lawyer Caily DiPuma, law professor Craig Forcese, and Executive Director of the Office of the CSE Commissioner J. William Galbraith.


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