Sunday, April 30, 2006

Masset and other sites

Jerry Proc has added a new page about CFS Masset to his collection of pages on radio communications and signals intelligence in the RCN. Lots of good stuff on the Masset page, including some excellent detail on the evolution and operation of the Pacific HFDF nets. (I need to update my post on the FRD-10 arrays to incorporate some the new information he's uncovered.)

The page also mentions in passing the Soviet KRUG antenna arrays, which are similar to the FRD-10s. You can see one of those stations here (more information here).

Jerry has also added a summary list of current and former Canadian SIGINT sites to his website. The list is based (as he graciously notes) on my list here, but it also contains information from George Fraser and Lynn Wortman's recent book, from Douglas Stewart, and from research that Jerry did himself. So now I have to update my post on that subject too! Together I think the group of us are closing in on the definitive list of sites.


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