Friday, December 03, 2021

Recent book chapters

In addition to Stress Tested, I have also contributed chapters to two other books published in the last year.

I wrote the chapter on the Communications Security Establishment for Top Secret Canada: Understanding the Canadian Intelligence and National Security Community, "the first book to offer a comprehensive study of the Canadian intelligence community, its different parts and how it functions as a whole." 

The CSE chapter provides a basic introduction to the agency, its mandate and resources, and some of the important questions about its operations and how they do or don't relate to Canadians.

Published by the University of Toronto Press in March 2021, the book is currently on sale at the UTP website for half price.

I also contributed a chapter to Big Data Surveillance and Security Intelligence: The Canadian Case, which was published by the University of British Columbia Press in December 2020.

As I noted here, my contribution is a bit of an outlier since CSE is not actually a security intelligence agency (although of course it does work closely with CSIS), and my chapter, "From 1967 to 2017: CSE's Transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age," is much more a "history of the present"—how CSE got where it is today—than a discussion of its current Big Data activities. 

However, I think it does serve as a reasonable lead-in to another chapter in the book, written by Scott Thompson and David Lyon, that does look at CSE and Big Data.

The book can be purchased at the UBC Press website. Alternatively, you can download a rather messy and inconvenient—but free—open-access version of the book here.


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