Friday, January 06, 2017

ATIpper #5: 200,000 end product reports produced per year in 1990

A 16 March 1990 document called The Canadian Intelligence Community, released by Library and Archives Canada (release A-2016-00658), has quite a lot of really interesting information in it, including a couple of unprecedented details on the production of end product reports by Canada and its Five Eyes allies:

"The extremely close relationships existing between CSE and the counterpart organizations in the USA (National Security Agency) and the UK (Government Communications HQ) entail extensive technical co-operation as well as the exchange of end-product reports. On the latter point, the activities carried out by CSE result in the availability to the government of about 200,000 reports a year, only 10,000 of which are actually produced in Canada."

The report also specifies that NSA alone "produces in excess of 100,000 reports each year, most of which are shared with Canada."

I'm guessing that the temperature in Hell would have to be pretty close to 0 degrees Kelvin for CSE's redactors to ever release a comparable set of numbers.

Much has changed since 1990, but it seems likely that CSE and its allies are still producing a similar or perhaps even greater number of end product reports every year.


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