Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ATIpper #1: Supercomputers

Recently I've been reading a whole lot of CSE documents released to various people under the Access to Information (ATI) Act. As you might expect, such releases are normally very heavily redacted, but quite often there is still some useful, or at least interesting, information left clinging to the skeletonized remains.

Such tidbits aren't the stuff of headlines, but they can shed some intriguing light on little-known aspects of this little-known agency, so I've decided to publish such items on the blog on a regular (or maybe semi-regular) basis.

Herewith, from Access request A-2015-00067 (p. 10), I give you ATIpper #1:

This excerpt from a November 2015 briefing for the then-new Defence Minister makes it official: CSE's new headquarters has the "Largest concentration of supercomputers in Canada"!

(How do you even measure that? RMax per cubic metre?)

Never mind, the point is clear: CSE has a lot of supercomputer capability.

I wrote more about CSE and supercomputers here.


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