Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bossenmaier testimony to Senate National Security and Defence Committee

CSE Chief Greta Bossenmaier testified before the Senate National Security and Defence Committee on 21 March 2016.

The transcript of the session won't be available until later [Update 20 April 2016: now available here], but the meeting was televised and can be watched here. The part of the session involving Bossenmaier begins around 14:08.

Nothing much of substance is revealed: There's only one, brief discussion of the metadata mess, for example, at the end of the session (around 15:02).

Other than that and some scare numbers about port scans (previously plugged here), there's not much to see.

[Update 20 April 2016: Nice to see the 100 million "malicious cyberactions" in Bossenmaier's testimony acknowledged as "network scans" in Minister Sajjan's speech.]

Media coverage:

Amanda Connolly, "CSE chief says federal departments need to ‘get on’ Shared Services’ cyber defences," iPolitics, 21 March 2016.


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