Thursday, November 26, 2015

List of Canadian Senior Liaison Officers in Washington

As part of CSE's close co-operation with its UKUSA partners, Canada has assigned a SIGINT liaison officer to the National Security Agency (NSA) since 1950. The U.S. likewise assigns a liaison officer to CSE. Similar liaison officer exchanges are in place with Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in the U.K. and, since 2009, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). The liaison officer in Canberra is also cross-appointed to the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in Wellington, New Zealand.

When CSE was created in 1946 (then called CBNRC), its most important relationship was with GCHQ, which provided leadership and expertise to all the Dominion SIGINT agencies. But the size and budget of the NSA and the importance of Canada's overall relationship with the United States soon made NSA the agency's most important partner.

The following is an updated list of the Canadian liaison officers at the NSA, all compiled from open sources. (Previous version here.) Originally referred to as the CBSLO (presumably Communications Branch Senior Liaison Officer), since 1954 the occupants of this position have been known as the Canadian Senior Liaison Officer/Washington, abbreviated CANSLO/W.

Robert S. McLaren19501951?
T. Jaffray Wilkins1951?1954
Howie M. Harris19541956
Robert W. McLaren19561959
Stu K. Hepburn19591963
L. Vince Chambers19631964
John F. Lewis19641967
Peter R. Hunt19671972
A. Stewart Woolner19721977?
Pat Spearey1977?1980
William L. Gray19801983
Ron J.A. Ireland19831986?
Wilson D. Purser1986?1990
Robert E. Brûlé19901994
R. Jon Eacrett19941998
David J. McKerrow19982002
Toni Moffa20022004
Michael E. Doucet20042007
Scott Jones20072008
Laurie K. Storsater20082010
Eryn C. Sproule20102015
Michele S. Mullen20152017
Claude Cadorette2017?...

Update 19 December 2015: Evidently, Harris replaced Wilkins in April 1954.

Update 1 March 2019: Claude Cadorette added to the list.

Update 7 October 2020: Scott Jones added to the list. Gotta check LinkedIn more often.


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