Tuesday, July 14, 2015

June 2015 CSE staff size

2144: a slight drop from last month. CSE's staff seems to have stabilized in the 2100–2200 range for the time being.

(If you click through on the link and get a different figure, it's probably because the Canada Public Service Agency has updated its website; they update the numbers once a month.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are still having trouble getting the CSE commissioner to answer us. We contacted Honourable Jean-Pierre Plouffe twice already. The first time was around 3 months ago, we asked him to do an investigation over the abuse and assassination attempts against us and he never answered us but SIRC got back to us. Then after getting our request they tabled a letter in parliament stating they can't investigate the 30-08 warrants properly.




Then we sent Honourable Jean-Pierre Plouffe an information request to get our 30-08 warrant information from him that Judge Richard Mosley sent them in 2013 after his rebuke.



He still won't answer us, we might have to apply to the courts to get him to give us our information. The RCMP sent us a letter saying they would give us our investigation information but that they were going to redact all the names of the people involved in the investigation and that we will have to apply to the people individually to ask them if they want to be identified. Not sure what that entails.

SIRC is sending us fraudulent documents to try to avoid giving us our information.





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July 23, 2015 8:22 pm  

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