Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Recent items of interest

Recent CSE-related news/commentary items:

- Justin Ling, "Bankers Tell Canadian Government They Want Spy Briefs Too," Vice, 10 February 2015.

- Christopher Parsons, "Six New Additions to the SIGINT Summaries," Technology, Thoughts & Trinkets blog, 6 February 2015.

- Colin Freeze, "Canadian agencies use data stolen by foreign hackers, memo reveals," Globe and Mail, 6 February 2015.

- Alex Boutilier, "Canadian military wants to be ‘main player’ in global intelligence, document shows," Toronto Star, 6 February 2015.

- Jim Bronskill, "Supreme Court to weigh legality of CSIS’s overseas spying," Canadian Press, 5 February 2015.

- Glenn Greenwald, "Western Spy Agencies Secretly Rely on Hackers for Intel and Expertise," The Intercept, 4 February 2015.

- Justin Ling, "The Harper Government Still Thinks CSE Is Acting Legally," Vice, 4 February 2015.

Also of interest are these two articles analyzing Five Eyes (including CSE) malware activities (h/t to Bruce Schneier):

- Claudio Guarnieri, "Everything we know of NSA and Five Eyes malware," blog, 27 January 2015.

- MH, "If the NSA has been hacking everything, how has nobody seen them coming?" thinkst thoughts blog, 27 January 2015.


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