Sunday, February 22, 2015

Minor budget boost for CSE

The Supplementary Estimates (C), which were tabled in parliament on February 19th, show that CSE's budget authority for the current fiscal year (2014-15) has been boosted by an additional $610,528, for a total budget authority of $849,407,283. (Previous discussion of the 2014-15 budget here and here.)

The primary cause of the latest boost is a $600,000 transfer from the Department of National Defence in return for "the permanent transfer of two generators to Canadian Forces Base Trenton". The two generators in question are presumably the large containerized generators that used to supply back-up power to CSE's high-performance computing centre, the new headquarters building's Pod 1. I noted the recent disappearance of those two generators here.

The remainder of the budget boost comes from a $10,527 transfer from Public Works and Government Services for "reimbursement of funds for the transformation of pay administration".

The document also provides for a $1 appropriation to "authorize" the abovementioned transfers. To the best of my knowledge, this last is a form of a ritual sacrifice to the Gods of fiscal management.


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