Monday, January 05, 2015

Fantino now minister for CSE?

On January 5th Julian Fantino was appointed Associate Minister of National Defence. The announcement of his appointment lists three specific areas that he is supposed to focus on, two of which (foreign intelligence and information technology security) constitute the two main mandates of the Communications Security Establishment.

It's potentially a very positive development that CSE may now have a minister who has enough time to actually pay serious attention to the agency.

But I remain to be convinced that Minister Fantino is the best choice for the job.

Update 6 January 2015:

Justin Ling, "2015 Is Canada’s Year of the Spy," Vice, 6 January 2015

Update 28 January 2015:

Alex Boutilier and Patrick Baud question whether Fantino has formal authority over CSE and discuss what the necessary paperwork might be to put that in place:


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