Thursday, September 25, 2014

Forster provides words

CSEC Chief John Forster has given a low-entropy "interview" to something called Global Government Forum:

Graham Scott, "Interview: John Forster, Chief of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada," Global Government Forum, 24 September 2014:
What is CSE For?

There are around 2200 staff in CSE, who will soon be in a new purpose-built facility with cutting-edge technology. At their head is John Forster, a man who has been a Canadian public servant for over 30 years. What does he see as his primary role?

‘As the Chief of CSE, it is a pleasure to lead an exceptional organization and work with some of the brightest public servants in Canada. I see my role in helping to create an organization and climate where their talents, expertise and commitment can flourish for the benefit of Canada.

‘To do that we need clarity of mandate; a vision of what we need to do to be successful five years from now; an environment that supports innovation and collaboration; a facility and technology that allows us to excel in meeting the needs of our clients and partners; a policy framework and culture of lawfulness and protecting the privacy of Canadians; and a commitment to recruit, retain and develop the skills and people we need to succeed.

‘Delivering on our mission to protect Canadians from global threats, while at the same time managing a significant transition in the organization is both daunting and exciting.’
He could go on. And he does.


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