Sunday, July 13, 2014

CSEC temporary accommodations

CSEC's continuing growth has made it very difficult for the organization to provide office space to all of its employees in recent years.

As previously described here, CSEC's accommodations have expanded over the years from just the Sir Leonard Tilley Building, its home since 1961, to a collection of facilities including not only a significantly enlarged Tilley Building, but also the Insurance Building, the Edward Drake Building, two temporary buildings (Annexes E and F), rental space in Canada Post Place, and Pod 1 of the new headquarters complex (occupied in 2011). CSEC is expected to begin occupying the main section of its new complex later this summer.

In the meantime, however, a recent Request for Standing Offer shows that CSEC is also now occupying the PBX Building (790 Heron Road) in Confederation Heights and an unspecified amount of space in the Federal Study Centre (1495 Heron Road).

Judging from its name, the PBX Building once provided telephone services to the various government departments in the Confederation Heights complex. This small (163-square-metre) building adjacent to the Insurance Building now appears to be used for storage.

The Federal Study Centre is a much larger complex, totalling 14,800 square metres. It recently hosted the Federal Emergency Management College, but not, it would seem, much else. The contracting document does not specify how much space has now been occupied by CSEC.

What it does make clear is that the occupation will be only temporary.

The Standing Offer arrangement that Public Works is seeking will cover general electrical services at the Sir Leonard Tilley Building (including Annex E), the Insurance Building, the Edward Drake Building (including Annex F), the PBX Building, and the Federal Studies Centre for a period of just one year, with the possibility of up to two one-year extensions. By the end of that period, CSEC's move to its new headquarters complex should be complete, and it will no longer occupy any of these buildings.

The document does not address electrical services at Canada Post Place, presumably because CSEC's accommodations there are rented rather than government-owned.


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