Thursday, April 10, 2014

CSEC roundup 10 April 2014

Recent news and commentary items related to CSEC:

- Jim Bronskill, "Canadian cyberspy agency CSEC fretted about staff after Snowden leaks," Canadian Press, 7 April 2014

- Joe Lofaro, "Canadians ‘should be outraged’ by WiFi spy allegations: Borg," Metro, 3 April 2014

- Trevor Greenway, "Government spying: What’s legal? What’s not?" Metro, 3 April 2014

- Mark Stone, "Think Canadians are Less Immune to Government Spying Than Americans? Think Again," Tech Vibes, 3 April 2014

- Daniel Tencer, "U.S. Pushes Canada To Loosen Privacy Laws," Huffington Post Canada, 3 April 2014. See also Ken Hanley, "Op-Ed: U.S. claims using EU companies to circumvent NSA spying unfair," Digital Journal, 10 April 2014.

- "Hey CSEC, stop spying on me," editorial, Globe and Mail, 2 April 2014

- David Christopher, "Canada talks back about secret spying,", 19 March 2014

- Jim Bronskill, "ISPs Handing Over Data To Spies? Surprisingly, They Don't Want To Say," Canadian Press, 27 March 2014

- Christopher Parsons, "Accountability and Government Surveillance," Technology, Thoughts & Trinkets blog, 27 March 2014. Parsons reports on the government's response, or lack thereof, to a series of questions from MP Charmaine Borg concerning subscriber-related information obtained from telecommunications service providers. Full text of the responses from government departments here. As Parsons notes, CSEC's response (see page 66) was limited to uninformative boilerplate. Other coverage: Colin Freeze, "Border agency asked for Canadians’ telecom info 18,849 times in one year," Globe and Mail, 27 March 2014; Michael Geist, "Who Needs Lawful Access?: Cdn Telcos Hand Over Data on Thousands of Subscribers Without a Warrant," Michael Geist blog, 26 March 2014

- Derek James, "Bill C-13: Tories trying again to open door to undue state intrusion," Toronto Star, 26 March 2014

Also of interest, commentary related to Bill S-4, the new Digital Privacy Act (government backgrounder here):
- Michael Geist, "Why the Digital Privacy Act Undermines Our Privacy: Bill S-4 Risks Widespread Warrantless Disclosure," Michael Geist blog, 10 April 2014
- Tim Banks, "Canada’s Digital Privacy Rethink: Fines, Enforceable Compliance Agreements and More!" Privacy and Data Security Law blog, 9 April 2104


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