Monday, March 17, 2014

Recent news/commentary

Recent news and commentary items related to CSEC:

- Jim Bronskill, "Canada's electronic spy agency uncovers wrongdoing, ethics breaches," Canadian Press, 16 March 2014.

- Matthew Braga, "Why can't, or won't, your phone company detail data it shares with the feds?" Globe and Mail, 16 March 2014; see also Christopher Parsons, "The Murky State of Canadian Telecommunications Surveillance,", 6 March 2014.

- John Adams, "Making the case for metadata," iPolitics, 14 March 2014; see also the longer version here. (The former Chief of CSEC defends the agency's operations, while reiterating his support for greater parliamentary scrutiny. In the iPolitics version, but not the longer version, Adams also makes the intriguing statement that there is within CSEC "an internal audit committee which includes external-to-government members, with access to any and all activities carried out by CSEC" in order to help keep an eye on the agency (emphasis added). He is not talking about the CSE Commissioner, whom he discusses separately. What is the nature of this committee, and who are these external-to government individuals?)

- Alex Boutilier, "Ottawa imposes life-long gag order on bureaucrats, lawyers," Toronto Star, 13 March 2014. (Additional organizations added to the list of persons "permanently bound to secrecy".)

- Jordan Press, "Canada’s military squeezed out of cyber-defence, emails warn," Vancouver Province, 12 March 2014

- Michael Geist, "If U.S. Cloud Computing Isn't Good Enough for the Canadian Government, Why Should It Be for You?" Michael Geist blog, 12 March 2014

- Colin Freeze, "Spy agency’s memos to minister shed light on secretive practices," Globe and Mail, 7 March 2014 (available only to subscribers, but you can read the bits of the memos that were released here)


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