Monday, December 02, 2013

NSA G8/G20 summit document released

CBC has released the full text (with minor redactions) of the NSA document discussing coverage of the 2010 G8/G20 summit in Canada (earlier discussion here and here).

More here: Greg Weston, "NSA document raises questions about Canada in G8 spying," CBC News, 2 December 2013.

Update 8:30 pm 2 December 2013: Christopher Parsons discusses the CBC's redactions: "The Oddities of CBC’s Snowden Redactions," Technology, Thoughts & Trinkets blog, 2 December 2013.

Update 5 December 2013: Matt Gurney questions whether the NSA document really says what the CBC said it does: Matt Gurney, "‘Supporting documents’ for CBC’s bombshell NSA scoop don’t support the story much at all," National Post, 3 December 2013.

He makes some fair points, I think, although (like Gurney) I don't doubt that Canada and its allies actually did monitor the event. I would guess, however, that CSEC took the lead on whatever was actually done and that CSIS did much of the direct collection, while NSA and (probably) GCHQ provided only relatively limited support. Note that the Canadian government didn't actually deny eavesdropping on the summiteers; it only denied breaking the law, and in that I think it was telling the truth.


Blogger P/K said...

Interesting links related to this story! They point to the same deficiencies as in many other stories based upon the Snowden-documents: inconsistent redacting of original documents and exaggerated headlines, with claims not being support by the shown documents...

December 07, 2013 11:39 pm  

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