Monday, December 23, 2013

Freeze on "CSEC 101"

Colin Freeze reports on "CSEC 101: Foundational Learning Curriculum", the introductory lecture series that is presented to all new CSEC employees, which the Globe and Mail obtained in redacted form through the Access to Information Act:

Colin Freeze, "CSEC sends strong message of privacy to new recruits," Globe and Mail, 22 December 2013.

The article contains lots of interesting background on life in Canada's SIGINT agency, including an introduction to the "most famous SIGINTer" of all, the "Traffic Fairy".

Update 25 December 2013:

Freeze's discussion of the document and posts of selected images on Twitter collected here. BZ to Koen Rouwhorst!

Update 31 December 2013:

The full, redacted document is now available here.


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