Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ottawa Citizen profiles CSE's new headquarters

Extensive article in the Ottawa Citizen on CSE and its new headquarters (Ian Macleod, "CSEC: The spies next door," Ottawa Citizen, 15 November 2013).

The article contains lots of interesting tidbits about the new complex.

A note on its size, which is reported as 775,000 square feet in the article: As noted here, the figure of 72,000 square metres, or 775,000 square feet, commonly attributed to the building refers only to the "rentable space" in the part of the complex built under the Long-Term Accommodation Project (LTAP). In 2009, the government estimated that the overall size of the LTAP would be at least 82,700 square metres, or 890,000 square feet, and possibly as much as 83,300 square metres. And those LTAP figures did not include what is now known as Pod 1 of the complex, the 6000 square metre (64,600 square foot) Mid-Term Accommodation Project, which was built under a separate contract. Put it all together, and you get a complex of about 88,700-89,300 square metres, or roughly 960,000 square feet.

The article also has a couple of accompanying sidebar pieces:

Ian Macleod, "The players of Camelot," Ottawa Citizen, 15 November 2013 (A description of the companies and agencies participating in the construction project.)

"How the Communications Security Establishment came to be," Ottawa Citizen, 15 November 2013 (A brief potted history of CSE drawn from the material on CSE's website. Despite its provenance, this article has at least one glaring error: the agency was transferred to the Department of National Defence and renamed the Communications Security Establishment in 1975, not 1974.)


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