Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Lawful access" returns

If you're not with the cyberspies, you're with the cyberbullies.

That seems to be the implied slogan for the Harper government's latest attempt to enact its sweeping "lawful access" wish list, which was introduced in parliament on Wednesday under the new name the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act.

Michael Geist explains the backstory and comments on the proposals here: "Lawful Access is Back: Controversial Bill Returns Under the Guise of Cyber-Bullying Legislation,", 21 November 2013.

See also the comments of Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner: "Statement from Commissioner Cavoukian on Bill C-13," 21 November 2013.

Update 25 November 2013:

More from Michael Geist: "The Privacy Threats in Bill C-13, Part One: Immunity for Personal Info Disclosures Without a Warrant,", 25 November 2013.

And a more sanguine view from Craig Forcese, "Bill C-13: Does the Trojan Horse Contain Lawful Access Gifts, or Just Greek Hoplites," National Security Law blog, 22 November 2013.

Update 11 December 2013:

Additional comments from Michael Geist: "The Privacy Threats in Bill C-13, Part Two: The Low Threshold for Metadata,", 11 December 2013.


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