Saturday, November 09, 2013

CSE 2013-14 budget now $461 million

The Supplementary Estimates (B) for fiscal year 2013-14, tabled in the House of Commons on November 7th, show that CSE's budget for the current fiscal year is being increased to $460,887,980.

That's a big jump from the total shown in the 2013-14 Main Estimates.

The Main Estimates reported that CSE would receive $33,389,185 in statutory money and $388,818,662 in voted money, for a total of $422,207,847.

The Supplementary Estimates (B) report that $21,538,711 will be added to CSE's budget.

So why doesn't the new budget total $443,746,558?

The new budget is $17,141,422 higher than that because, according to the Supplementary Estimates (B), CSE already has $405,960,084 in voted authority, not the $388,818,662 shown in the Main Estimates.

And where did that extra money come from?

According to this document, it came from Treasury Board Central Vote 25, apparently to enable CSE to carry over some of the operating funds that it didn't manage to spend in the prior fiscal year. (The Public Accounts 2013 reported that $26,660,000 in CSE spending authority lapsed at the end of FY 2012-13, whereas only $21,000 was reported as "Available for use in subsequent years".)

[Update 12 November 2013: Colin Freeze, "Spy agency’s budget to hit $460-million after ‘steady path’ of growth," Globe and Mail, 12 November 2013]


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