Monday, October 07, 2013

CSEC Olympia slides

Here are the CSEC slides released yesterday by Brazil's TV Globo:

(Source: "Ministério de Minas e Energia está na mira de espiões americanos e canadenses," Fantastico, 6 October 2013; H/T to Colin Freeze)

The Fantastico broadcast, which can be watched here (in Portuguese, of course), showed several other slides that unfortunately were not reproduced on its website.

Here are screen captures of some of those slides. In some cases only part of the slide is shown, and the resolution of most of the images is not very good. But in many cases a lot of the content can still be made out:

Update 5:30 PM, 7 October 2013: More analysis from the G&M: "Five highlights from the Canada-Brazil spying revelations," Globe and Mail, 7 October 2013.
Also, presented for your amusement, former Deputy Director of CSIS Ray Boisvert tries to tell us it was all a bad dream and never really happened: Steven Chase, "Brazil spying allegations part of a ‘war game scenario,’ former official says," Globe and Mail, 7 October 2013.

Update 30 November 2013: The Globe and Mail has posted higher resolution versions of 18 of the "Olympia" slides with only minor privacy-related redactions: Colin Freeze, "Read a CSEC document that was first acquired by Edward Snowden," Globe and Mail, 30 November 2013.

Update 2 December 2013: Geoffrey Rockwell, professor of philosophy and humanities computing at the University of Alberta, takes a tour through the Olympia slides: "Interpreting the CSEC Presentation: Watch Out Olympians in the House!" blog, 2 December 2013.


Blogger P/K said...

We also see new SIGADs here: US-966V and US-3294. Interesting is that DS-800 seems to have a similar function, but doesn't fit the SIGAD-format...

October 08, 2013 1:26 pm  
Blogger Bill Robinson said...

There are also some SIGADs in the last image.

Yeah, I've been wondering about DS-800. Maybe it refers to a DNR/DNI metadata database, or possibly to a source of purchased or clandestinely obtained metadata. DS = Data Source??

Maybe future revelations will explain it.

October 08, 2013 2:05 pm  

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