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A few days ago I was wondering about the meaning of the suffix CG in the Canadian SIGAD CAC-98CG.

But then I dredged the following out of my files:

It's a Personnel Evaluation Report for a member of the military Communicator Research trade who was assigned to 771 Communications Research Squadron in 1999-2000. I found it posted on the Internet.

771 Communications Research Squadron was disbanded in 2002, but at the time of this report its members primarily worked in the Sir Leonard Tilley Building, CSE's headquarters, alongside the civilian employees of CSE.

And so it would seem to have been for this individual, who evidently worked closely with the civilians in what was then CSE's G Group (which probably focused on SIGINT Acquisition).

The report shows that the subject was a communications satellite (COMSAT) Signal Research and Target Development (SRTD) analyst and that he focused in particular on computer to computer (C2C) communications. The satellite monitoring dishes used for this work are located at the nearby CFS Leitrim, and the report notes that he received a letter of appreciation from the commanding officer of Leitrim for some of the work he did.

The report also notes that he worked closely with a group of C2C analysts designated CANDLEGLOW.

Is the CG suffix in the CAC-98CG SIGAD an abbreviation for CANDLEGLOW?

The pieces would seem to fit.

CANDLEGLOW appears to have been a group of analysts working at CSE headquarters (which is consistent with the second C - for civilian - in CAC), using the facilities at Leitrim (consistent with the 98 in the SIGAD), and processing computer-based communications (consistent with the appearance of CAC-98CG on a list of sites collecting Internet-related traffic).

Update 26 May 2015: As noted here, CANDLEGLOW may be the overall designation for foreign satellite (FORNSAT) monitoring operations at Leitrim.


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