Friday, June 14, 2013

CSE's privacy rules revealed (sort of)

Want to know what rules CSE uses to protect the privacy of Canadians during its operations? You can read them here (148-page PDF document), courtesy of the Paroxysms blog.

Unfortunately, like most of the CSE records released under the Access to Information Act, the documents in this package are very heavily redacted.

Thus, although it is clear that CSE has extensive and detailed policies relating to the protection of Canadians' privacy, it is not possible to assess the detailed exceptions, qualifications, omissions, provisions for override, special circumstances, and so on that are almost certainly spelled out to one degree or another within the large sections of the documents (80% or more?) that are blanked out.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in there (if you're into that kind of thing), but I'm not sure that these documents move us much closer to understanding the degree to which CSE does or doesn't threaten the privacy of Canadians.


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