Thursday, May 02, 2013

I can call badges from the vasty web

Way back in my pre-blogging days I used to have a website dedicated to CSE, which I decorated with what I considered to be a slightly cheeky reworked version of the CSE badge that depicted its middle section swinging open like a door to allow access to the secrets within (see below).

(Compare to the actual badge here.)

That ancient website long ago lapsed, and I thought that my reworked badge had slipped from all human ken along with it. But no.

You never know what will emerge when you launch something into the Intertubez, and in the case of my badge, it appears that a real, bona fide cloth version has somehow been called into existence (see below).

Found the badge here, but where you can obtain your own copy I do not know. I'd love to get one!


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