Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CSE 2012-13 budget

According to the Supplementary Estimates (A) (pp. 76-78), CSE's FY 2012-13 budget is being increased from the $387 million reported in the Main Estimates to $403 million.

A recent media report on CSE suggested that the agency was facing a two percent budget cut this year. The government seems to be making a point of keeping everyone in the dark about its budget cut plans this year, but there is no sign of any cut to the CSE budget yet. It looks more like a ten percent increase so far.

Some interesting details reported in the document:
  • $12.494 million of the increase will go for "implementation of Canada‚Äôs Cyber Security Strategy to protect digital infrastructure".
  • $3.242 million will go to reimburse CSE for "moving from Public Works and Government Services accommodation space to Communications Security Establishment accommodation space."
  • $0.662 million will be provided "to combat human smuggling".
So is this how it's going to be now? We are going to get ridiculously detailed tidbits that in at least some cases can be directly related to specific SIGINT targets, but much less sensitive information useful for public and parliamentary oversight that was routinely reported in the past will now be withheld for "security reasons"?

Is that supposed to make sense? Does anybody over there ever consider how this looks outside the SCIF?


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