Thursday, May 17, 2012

Transparency fail II

Unlike the other transparency fail, this one is presumably just a mistaken link:

CSE's section of the 2012-13 Report on Plans and Priorities is, according to this contents page, located here.

But, as anyone who clicks through on the latter link can plainly see, you do not get CSE's budget and other plans and priorities data at that location.

You get the data for the Office of the CSE Commissioner.

This is not right.

A look at last year's report demonstrates that the comparable link on last year's contents page takes you to the actual data for CSE for that year.

A week has gone by since the Report on Plans and Priorities was made public and this error has not spontaneously corrected itself. Let us all hope that someone is issued a clue sometime soon and fixes this problem.

I suppose that it does makes sense that CSE's data is still reported in the National Defence Report on Plans and Priorities since, although CSE is now a separate agency and is no longer a part of the Department of National Defence, it still falls within the portfolio of the Minister of National Defence, and other agencies in a similar position, such as the National Search and Rescue Secretariat, are also reported in this manner.

But is it not possible for CSE to put a separate link to this information on its own website?

Maybe the people who work there would care enough to actually get it right.


[Update 1 June 2012: Transparency fail II, part B]

[Update 12 June 2012: Transparency fail II, part C]


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