Monday, April 30, 2012

Transparency fail

Jeff Davis's recent article on CSE suggested that the agency's transition to stand-alone status would force it "to disclose its budgets and provide regular public reports, like all other government agencies."

I commented that
CSE's budget has been reported as a separate item within the DND Estimates since the mid to late 1990s; those documents have also provided a page or two of highly sanitized reporting on CSE's plans and activities since that time. It will be interesting to see if CSE's transition to stand-alone status leads to any more-detailed public reporting.
It doesn't look good so far.

[Update 7 May 2012:
La Presse looks at the issue: Martin Croteau, "Le CST, une agence trop secrète?" La Presse, 7 May 2012]


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