Monday, December 12, 2011

Morse: No longer just for dinosaurs...

Morse code has long been written off as part of radio - and radio intelligence - history. But now we learn from the Communications and Electronics Newsletter (Vol. 55) that the MOS Formerly Known As 291 has resumed teaching morse to some of its members. That's right, the dits is back:
...the role of Morse code as an emerging player in the communications world is again capturing the imagination of the Comm Rsch trade. Once considered moribund in the communication world, Morse code appears to be staging its comeback. An example of this lies in Toshiba's 2008 development of a handheld, thumb-operated communications device named "Clique", which uses only three keys to produce Morse code for sending text messages - a method rapidly increasing in popularity in Asia.

With evidence of such devices, it is not a surprise that the age-old technology has found its way back onto the Comm Rsch radar. Trade advisors and senior personnel have recognized Morse Code's re-emergence and quickly approved the re-establishment and maintenance of its training. The result is an updated Morse Code training program that is now available to Comm Rsch personnel awaiting Phase II training. As with the new ASA course, the initial iteration of this full-time five and a half month Morse Course (Serial 0001) commenced in January of this year.
Forget about the Toshiba "Clique" thing. That was some kind of hoax or April Fool's joke. But the Morse training course is, as far as I can tell, serious.


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