Saturday, December 18, 2010

LTAP/MTAP "Taj Mahal"

More details on CSE's planned new headquarters complex:

David Pugliese, "New DND facilities to have ice rink, hobby garden: Documents," Postmedia News, 17 December 2010

Update: 21 December 2010

CSE Chief Adams has responded to the "Taj Mahal" report.

A couple of interesting points:

- Adams states that the "new facility is required to house a staff complement of almost 2,000 employees". Assuming the Chief's number doesn't include contractors (at least 91, according to the Pugliese article), this suggests that there could be nearly 2,100 people working at the site -- plus some number of military personnel. It remains unclear whether that overall figure includes the 200-250 that will be accommodated in the MTAP building, but either way, it represents significantly more people than CSE's current 1817.

- Adams cites a "severe lack of power" at the current site as one of the reasons a new facility is required. See "More power!" in this post for one possible explanation of CSE's power needs.


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