Saturday, June 26, 2010

CFIOG detachment locations in U.S.

A recent article in the Communications and Electronics Newsletter (Col G. D. Loos, "Update from CFIOG," C&E Newsletter, Vol. 52, 1 December 2009) provides some new and more up to date information on CFIOG detachment locations:
CFIOG Detachment. This group of some 50 personnel continues to strengthen our Canada/United States partnership as imbedded personnel in such locations as Anchorage, AK, San Antonio, TX, Denver, CO, Honolulu, HI, Norfolk, VA, and Fort Meade, MD.
The sites Loos lists are probably the FLR-9 circularly disposed antenna array operated by the 381st Intelligence Squadron at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (air photo); the Medina Regional Security Operations Center at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas (air photo); the Denver Security Operations Center at the Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado, Buckley AFB, Colorado (air photo); NSA Hawaii, formerly the Kunia Regional Security Operations Center (air photo), soon to be replaced by the Hawaii RSOC; Naval Information Operations Command Norfolk in Virginia (air photo); and NSA headquarters at Fort Meade (air photo).

This is the first time to my knowledge that the Elmendorf and Buckley locations have been acknowledged. A number of Canadian personnel used to be assigned to Naval Security Group FRD-10 locations; it is possible that these two predominantly Air Force locations were added to replace the FRD-10 slots (all the U.S. FRD-10 arrays have been shut down).

Buckley is an especially interesting site in that the Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado is one of the mission ground stations for U.S. high-altitude SIGINT satellites and is the sole operator of the TRUMPET and TRUMPET Follow-On satellites, which monitor the northern hemisphere from Molniya orbits.

The article does not specify whether other detachment locations acknowledged in the past, such as the Georgia RSOC, also remain active.


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