Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 2010 CSE staff size


(If you click through on the link and get a different figure, it's probably because the Canada Public Service Agency has updated its website; they update the numbers once a month.)


New figures are now available on CSE's personnel plans for the next few years (source: DND 2010-11 Report on Plans and Priorities):

Forecast for the fiscal year just ended: 1658 civilian full-time equivalents (FTEs).
Planned for 2010-11: 1762 FTEs
Planned for 2011-12: 1817 FTEs
Planned for 2012-13: 1825 FTEs

More growth to come?

CSE is anticipating that a staff of some 2250 will occupy its new headquarters upon its completion in 2015 (if I read the runes aright), but that figure includes both government employees, which could include some military personnel as well as CSE civilians, and an unspecified number of contractors, so the final target figure for CSE's civilian employees remains unclear.

There also could be some variation between the actual number of employees and FTEs. For example, the monthly figures I've been reporting on this site average out to 1699 over the last fiscal year, whereas the FTE forecast for the same period is only 1658.


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