Monday, April 26, 2010

Commissioner decommissioned?

It has been more than a month and a half since the Globe and Mail reported that CSE Commissioner Peter Cory was resigning his position, just three months after having accepted the job (blog post here), and still there is no official word on his status. No confirmation, no denial, no appointment of a successor.

Ottawa, in its ongoing effort to be as inscrutable as Stalin's Politburo, has apparently decided to leave us all guessing.

Even the G&M's article has been pulled from free public access.

But now, perhaps, we have been favoured with a sign. It seems that Justice Cory has also largely disappeared from the Office of the Communications Security Establishment Commissioner website. Apart from his official bio, the only place he now appears on the site is on a list of Former Commissioners on the OCSEC History page.

Judging from that subtle indication, it would appear that he is indeed leaving the post. Presumably he has agreed to keep it quiet until Ottawa appoints his successor.

So... Can we get on with it? Hmm?


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