Thursday, June 05, 2008

List of Canadian Senior Liaison Officers

As part of CSE's close co-operation with its UKUSA partners, Canada mantains SIGINT liaison officers at NSA and at GCHQ, known respectively as the Canadian Senior Liaison Officer/Washington (CANSLO/W) and the Canadian Senior Liaison Officer/London (CANSLO/L). NSA and GCHQ likewise maintain liaison officers at CSE.

About 10-15 years ago I reconstructed a list of the Canadian liaison officers and when they served (see list on original website here). But as it turns out there was at least one major error in that list. I mistakenly thought that Art Browness held the CANSLO slot at NSA in the 1956 to 1959 period. In fact, it was Robert W. McLaren (no relation to the Robert S. McLaren who was the first liaison officer to AFSA/NSA). The corrected list is reproduced below. It's still about ten years out of date, however; I haven't had a chance to see whether the names of recent CANSLOs are available.

Robert S. McLaren19501951?
T. Jaffray Wilkins1951?1953?
Howie M. Harris1953?1956
Robert W. McLaren19561959
Stu K. Hepburn19591963
L. Vince Chambers19631964
John F. Lewis19641967
Peter R. Hunt19671972
A. Stewart Woolner19721977?
Pat Spearey1977?1980
William L. Gray19801983
Ron J.A. Ireland19831986?
Wilson D. Purser1986?1990
Robert E. Brûlé19901994
John Eacrett19941998
David McKerrow19982002
Toni Moffa20022004
Michael Doucet20042007?

Mary R. Oliver19491950
John M.H. Jury19501951?
John F. Lewis1951?1953?
Joe A. Gibson1953?1956
W.N. Tony Chipman19561959
Tom G.S. Colls19591963
Ron J.A. Ireland19631967
William R. Henderson19671971
Ed J. MacDonald19711973
E. Carl Freeland19731976
Tom A. Chadsey19761979
Marcel L. Patteeuw19791982?
John Eacrett1982?1985
John J. O'Brien19851988
Pat Spearey19881992
Thomas Johnston19921995
Paul Sargent19951998

Update 23 May 2012: McLaren's liaison role (previously listed as 1949?) apparently began in 1950.

Update 14 March 2013: Brûlé became CANSLO in August 1990.

Update 20 December 2013: Added Toni Moffa and Michael Doucet to CANSLO/W list.

Update 6 September 2015: Corrected dates of Moffa's CANSLO stint. See her bio here.

Update 26 November 2015: New post on CANSLO/W with updated list of incumbents here. Also changed the terminology used in this post from Canadian Special Liaison Officer to Canadian Senior Liaison Officer.


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