Monday, January 15, 2007

CSE's expansion complete?

The latest staff figures published by the Public Service Human Resources Management Agency indicate that CSE had 1,601 staff members as of December 2006, down 29 from the figure reported for November. This slight drop in staffing may indicate that CSE has achieved its desired personnel level and the figure is now simply fluctuating up and down due to the vagaries of normal staff attrition and hiring.

In 2005 it was reported that CSE was expanding its staff to 1,650 "full-time equivalents" (blogged about here), which it expected to achieve in 2007. The recent staffing figures (in the 1600-1630 range) seem slightly below this target level, but the term "full-time equivalents" does not necessarily translate one to one into employee numbers since variables like part-time work and overtime can affect the count, so it may be that CSE has reached the 1,650 FTE level.


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