Monday, December 18, 2006

Fuel spill at Alert

The Contact, the base newspaper at CFB Trenton, reports that there was a "significant" fuel spill at CFS Alert on September 8th (Lt(N) Pierrette LeDrew, "8 Wing Fuel Spill Response Team receives
Commander’s CFIOG Commendation
," The Contact, 1 December 2006, p. 5). The size of the spill is not indicated, but the article reports that it took an 8-person Fuel Spill Response Team from 8 Wing to contain the spill and begin the clean-up. Further work will be done next summer to remove contaminated soil and set up a "bioremediation area". The team has received a CFIOG Commander's Commendation and an 8 Wing Commander's Commendation for its work cleaning up the mess.


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