Thursday, December 14, 2006

CFSOC stood up

CFS Leitrim, photo by Jerry Proc

The CF Information Management Group website reports that the Canadian Forces SIGINT Operations Centre (CFSOC) was stood up earlier this year. "In 2006, a revitalization of Signals Intelligence capabilities and a concurrent expansion of Station support responsibilities, prompted authorities to stand-up a separate SIGINT Centre of Excellence, at CFS Leitrim. That Centre of Excellence is the 'CFSOC.'"

The CFSOC has taken over Leitrim's SIGINT missions, currently described as follows:
  • To operate and maintain signals intelligence collection and geolocation facilities in support of the national cryptologic programme and military operations;
  • To operate and maintain radio frequency direction finding facilities in support of search and rescue and other programs;
  • To maintain a capacity for the timely deployment of SIGINT forces and capabilities, in support of CF operational requirements.
CFS Leitrim continues to exist as a unit, but it is now described as "a unit that provides support services to the other units located on the Station": the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group Headquarters (CFIOGHQ), the Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre (CFNOC), the CFSOC, and a Joint Information and Intelligence Fusion Centre (JIIFC) Detachment.

Gander and Masset, for their part, are now considered CFSOC Detachments.

Photo courtesy Jerry Proc


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