Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New DG Military SIGINT

The Department of National Defence announced today that "Captain (Navy) Andrea Siew, a Reservist, will be promoted Commodore AWSE (Acting While So Employed) and appointed Director General Military Signals Intelligence at the Communications Security Establishment."

Commodore SiewCommodore Siew (shown at right) will replace BGen Glenn W. Nordick (bio), who was the first to hold the position of DG Military SIGINT, having been appointed to the newly created job in July 2004. Nordick also served as J2 Intelligence Capabilities at NDHQ, but Siew apparently has not been appointed to that position. Siew's official bio doesn't seem to be up yet on the DND website, but a quick tour around the web shows that she was a member of the INT 82 occupation, presented a paper entitled "Maritime C4I And Surveillance: The National Perspective" at the 2001 conference of the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies, and served as Director Quality of Life in 2002-2003. She retired from the Reg Force in October 2003 after 24 years of service. She has also served as Intelligence Branch Advisor.

As noted above, the position of DG Military Signals Intelligence is a relatively new one (and certainly a new one to me: Nordick's appointment slipped by me entirely), and it evidently implies that a new directorate of Military SIGINT was created in CSE in 2004. CSE already maintained dedicated resources to the Support for Military Operations (SMO) role, but this suggests that there has been a considerable increase in those resources, which I suppose is what then-Chief Keith Coulter was telling us when he said in May that "these days [CSE's business] is hugely a support to military operations ... because we have troops deployed abroad and we're very involved in helping to intercept communications so they can paint the picture of what the local threats are to them."


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