Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stations of the past: HMCS Coverdale

Wrens at Coverdale: National Archives of Canada photo PA204141
National Archives of Canada photo PA204141

HMCS Coverdale, located just south of Moncton, New Brunswick, was an intercept and high-frequency direction-finding station from (approx.) 1944 until 1971, when operations were transferred to 770 Communications Research Squadron at CFB Gander.

During the Second World War the station was staffed by the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service and used primarily to monitor and track U-Boats. After the war, the station served as Alternate Net Control Station for the joint US-Canadian Atlantic HF-DF net, tracking Soviet instead of German submarines, as well as other North Atlantic sea and air traffic.

Jerry Proc's HMCS Coverdale webpage is an outstanding resource on the wartime and post-war operations at Coverdale, the equipment and facilities at the station, and the people who served there.


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