Friday, May 27, 2005

Question du jour: CFIOG Support Dets?

The Communication Reserve Development Plan 2004-2009 (PDF file) reported that "CFIOG has proposed that the IO support capabilities within the Communication Reserve be expanded by developing the Communicator Research Operator (R291) trade within the reserves and by standing up CFIOG Support Dets at CFIOG HQ Ottawa and in Halifax, Victoria, and Winnipeg", i.e., at MARLANT, MARPAC, and AIRCOM headquarters, where there already are Cryptologic Support Elements from the Reg Force. A team was to be set up no later than August 2003 to report by March 2004 on a number of outstanding issues related to these proposals, including "the financial options for expansion of the IO support capabilities within the Communication Reserve to include CFIOG Support Dets" and "Command and Control for the proposed CFIOG Support Dets in Ottawa, Halifax, Victoria and Winnipeg".

The plan to create the R291 trade is going ahead. Question: What, if anything, has been decided with respect to the CFIOG Support Dets?


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