Thursday, May 05, 2005

A mystery wrapped in an Enigma?

Enigma machine
The keys are punched, the rotors turn, the lamps light up, and out of the reshuffled wiring comes a new organization chart and a new set of alphabetical designators for CSE's groups.

Presumably there are good reasons behind CSE's frequent reorganizations, not just an inclination to encipher the organization chart every now and then. But to CSE's oft-shuffled employees the process sometimes must feel like being trapped in an Enigma machine.

By my estimate, CSE has undergone major reorganizations at least nine times in its short post-war existence, on average at least once every six years. It reorganized three times in the five years between 1995 and 2000. Throw in the 1998 transformation of the Supplementary Radio System into the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group, and for a while there the CSE staff must have needed a Bombe just to figure out who was who.

The most recent reorganization that I am aware of took place on 5 September 2000, when the organization shown below was established. I'd be surprised if there hasn't been at least one other reorganization since.

Organization Chart as of September 2000

Chief CSE SIGINT Deputy Chief SIGINT Dir E Group
Mission Applications/Systems Development
Dir G Group
Dir K Group
Dir J Group
Dir L Group
Client and Mission Operations
Critical Infrastructure Protection
INFOSEC Deputy Chief
Information Technology Security
Dir I Group
ITS Information Protection
Dir T Group
ITS Operations
Dir S Group
ITS Strategic Services
ADMIN Director- General Corporate Services Counselling and Advisory Program
Dir Review Services
Dir R Group
Policy, Plans & Financial Management
Dir F Group
Assets Management
Dir U Group
Human Resources Management
Dir Z Group
Information Management/Information Technology
Chief Information Officer
Dir Legal Services
Canadian Special Liaison Officer/Washington (CANSLO/W)
Canadian Special Liaison Officer/London (CANSLO/L)

Source: Public Service Staff Relations Board files 172-13-1990 (2001) and 125-13-96 (2001)


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